Bad News for Tilia


Samstag - 01.04.2023
17:00 Uhr  


FQZ 99,2 mHZ (Radio Blau)
Radio Blau, Leipzig

Rollstuhlgerecht? Unbekannt

Dear listeners,

in the up coming show of „Bad News for Tilia“ we will transmit the following content:

In the beginning we will have a bunch of local and international short news,

followed by 3 longer audios as they are:

  • portion of an interview done by „the ex-worker podcast“ about the struggle in Italy in solidarity with the anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito followed by a short update about his current situation.
  •  interview done by „Crna Luknja“ about the earthquake in Turkey and surrounding regions.
    the interview was realized  in the beginning of March it was three weeks after the earthquake disaster.
  • interview done by „The Final Straw Radio“ about the Trial of mutual aid activists and journalists in Asheville, NC
    TFSR spoke with a defendant & supporter in the trial of mutual aid activists and journalists facing Felony Littering and conspiracy charges for protests against homeless camp evictions in freezing temperatures in December of 2021 in Asheville, NC, USA.

In the end we will promote several events as always – this time for example the balkan anarchist bookfair in Ljubljana Slovenia.

Tune in! And check out our monthly show on Radio Blau!

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