Radiosendung: BAD NEWS FOR TILIA


Samstag - 17.10.2020
17:00 - 18:00  

content of show no5 on ( 17.10.2020 – 5 pm ) :

transmitted on radio blau – frequency 99,2 mHZ

and streamed :

* *Radiozones of Subversive Expressions <>* in Athens, Greece, on the topics of school squats, Omada Laikon Agoniston, Pagrati Filolaou, SVEOD and the responses of Greek courts to the charges against the neo-nazi Golden Dawn Party;

* *Radio Fragmata <>*, also in Athens, Greece, you’ll hear more news and struggle from around the city and country;

* *A-Radio Berlin* <>, from Germany, then shares audio about the eviction of the anarcha-queer-feminist house project Liebig34 in Berlin;

* And finally, you’ll hear updates from *Dissident Island Radio <>* from the Capital of Capitol, London, UK from the last month.

* Demonstration at 18 October in Leipzig – One Year of Revolution in so-called Chile.

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