Frontline Struggles for Dignity and Climate Justice

Frontline Struggles for Dignity and Climate Justice


Freitag - 13.08.2021
19:00 - 21:00  


Hitness Club
Herman-Liebmann Str 86, Leipzig

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We are glad for the opportunity to welcome two international activists, Esteban from Argentina and indegenous activist Christopher from Texas/ US. They will talk about the struggles of frontline communities for dignity and decolonization in both countries and how this is connected to extractivism as root of capitalist exploitation of nature and communities. In the end we wanna discuss what the german climate justice movement can learn from these experiences and how international solidarity can get practical.

There will be a livestream on

Please test yourself for Covid19 before and bring your mask.

Veranstaltende Gruppe: Prisma/ interventionistische Linke Leipzig

Sprache des Events: Englisch, ggf. Flüsterübersetzung auf Deutsch, Spanisch

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