Soli-Demo – Solidarity is our Weapon #PolishStonewall

Donnerstag - 13.08.2020
18:00 Uhr

Willy-Brandt-Platz am Hauptbahnhof

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Soli-Demo Start: 18 Uhr, Willy-Brandt-Platz, Ende: Simson-Platz

Last week queer activist Margot was taken to custody by the police on a LGBT+ demonstration in Warsaw. Now she is in jail because she fought against queerphobia and the growing fascism in Poland under president Duda and the PiS party. We stand in solidarity with Margot and all polish queers. We will speak up against queerphobia, police brutaity and facism. We will be loud. #PolishStonewall is happening. Be part of our protest, come to the demo bring your friends! Solidarity is our weapon!

Link zur Veranstaltung:

Veranstaltende Gruppe: Polish Stonewall - Solidarity Leipzig


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